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What to Expect When You Get a Piercing

Body piercings are a popular fashion statement that many people make these days. You'll probably want to know what your experience will be like if you've been thinking about getting a piercing. Here's what you can expect if you choose a reputable piercing shop to visit.


The consultation you have depends on the facility you visit for assistance. Some facilities may provide lengthier and more detailed consultations, while others may only speak a few words to you before doing the piercing work. Almost all providers will offer you a little bit of advice for caring for the area during the healing process. They may speak to you about the care tips or provide you with a paper or pamphlet that explains what you must do so that the site heals properly.

Price Range

Piercings have a general price of about $100. They can be more or less, depending on several factors. One factor that plays a role in the pricing is the area where you desire to have your piercing. For example, ear piercings are less expensive than nose rings and labret piercings. An exotic area such as the nipples or private area will probably be more expensive. You can shop around to try to find the best prices, but keep in mind that quality means a lot in the piercing industry. You'll need to choose a shop that uses a high sanitation standard and has experienced piercing experts who will do the job precisely. That will minimize the chances of infection and unhappiness with the results.

Time Span

A piercing doesn't usually take long to do. A single piercing takes about five minutes to complete. The time you spend at the body piercing shop will be contingent upon their business level and how many people are in front of you waiting to get piercings and tattoos. It's possible for you to get in and out of such a facility in less than 30 minutes. It's also possible for you to be stuck in the shop for over an hour. The entire process depends on the business. You can reduce your time by calling ahead and asking them when their most productive and least productive periods are.

Healing Process

The healing process takes different times for different types of piercings. The tongue piercing is probably the one that heals the fastest besides the ears. It generally takes four weeks to heal. A labret piercing will take about eight weeks to heal, and a cheek piercing could take up to one full year to heal. You can do some things to exacerbate the healing and prevent infection from occurring. Cleaning the area with antibacterial soap every day is an excellent idea. You may also need to rinse your mouth with a gentle non-alcoholic mouthwash to boost the healing. Avoid fidgeting or playing with the piercing unnecessarily.

Now you know what to expect if you choose to get yourself a piercing. You can now proceed with confidence to a well-established facility that has a strong reputation.

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