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Lancelot Ballantyne

Tattoo Artist / Owner

Lancelot Ballantyne is a dedicated artist with a decade of experience in the tattoo industry.

Based at his studio The Fang and Flower, Lancelot's distinct dramatic black and grey realism style is deeply influenced by the rich world of photography and the dreamlike qualities of surreal artwork.

All of Lance's tattoos are original works of art, created with both the client's vision of their body in mind, combined with his vast knowledge and mastery of  blood magic wizardry.

That's sick..


Lancelot Ballantyne - Tattoo Artist & Owner of The Fang and Flower Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Mississauga Ontario
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Lancelot Specializes in the Tattooing Styles of:

- Fine Detail Black and Grey Realism

- Custom Made Original Tattoos

- Large Scale / Sleeve Tattoos

- Geometric / Dotwork

Enjoys tattooing:

Animals - Portraits

Cool Stuff - Evil Stuff

Mandalas - Florals
Patterns - Realism

Tattoo Portfolio

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