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Tips for Caring for New Body Art

Are you considering getting a new tattoo or piercing? No one can blame you; body art is awesome. But you're probably wondering about the kind of care you'll have to give your fresh wound. These are some do's and don'ts for new body art:

Avoid the Sun

Keeping your brand-new tattoo out of the sun is a must if you want to maintain its vibrant colors. UV rays can not only draw the color from the tat, but they can also irritate your skin even more. Thus, your best move is to wear a long-sleeved shirt if you're spending time out in the sun having fun. Ensure that your shirt is loose fitting so that you don't aggravate the wound while it's healing. Once your tattoo is healed, you should still use sunscreen or sunblock to maintain its "flavor."

Don't Play With It

The no-touch rule applies to new tattoos and piercings. The most destructive thing you can do to a new piercing plays with it. Therefore, you must refrain from twisting it and moving it around in your mouth unnecessarily. Please don't chew on the jewelry if you have a labret piercing, for goodness sakes. It can cause damage to your tooth enamel and irritate the area around the piercing itself. It's best to leave it alone and allow it to go through all the stages of healing peacefully.

Wear Your Clunky Jewelry for Two Weeks

You'll receive a long piece of jewelry when you get a new labret piercing, and you probably won't find it very attractive. The long and ugly jewelry is necessary because the swelling occurs after getting a new hole. Your piercing artist will probably advise you to wear the long jewelry for at least two weeks.

Take those instructions and use them because the swelling might come back after it goes down in the initial days. You can have a painful experience and a hard time removing new jewelry if the site swells after swapping it. Thus, it would be best if you suffered with the unattractive piece until your swelling is gone for good.

Do Use Antibacterial Washes

Using an antibacterial wash is a must during the initial healing process, as it keeps bacteria at bay and promotes faster healing. It's also a wise idea to keep up with the ritual once your piercing or tattoo site heals. You'll keep it cleaner, and you won't have to worry about irritating it while getting into the nooks and crannies.

Ensure that you use an antibacterial wash that's also hypoallergenic. That process will prevent you from breaking out with an allergic reaction that could complicate or slow down your healing. Read the labels on the soap bottles to ensure you pick something safe for your skin.

Those are a few rules you should adhere to if you want to get the best results from your new tattoo or piercing. Your piercing artist will have more advice for you once you get to the studio and choose your modification.

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