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Things to Consider Before Getting a Labret Piercing

The decision of whether to express yourself with a body piercing such as a labret is a highly personal one that you can make at any time. You'll have to take some time to consider some important factors before you decide, however. These are some factors you will need to mull over before you say yes or no to a labret piercing:

Whether It Will Hinder Your Occupation

Your employment journey is one thing you will need to consider before getting a body or facial piercing like a labret. Many of today's employers allow their workers to express themselves in any way they desire. However, not all establishments operate like that. You should review your employer's policy regarding facial piercings before you get one. You should also consider how getting one may affect your journey if you currently seek employment.

Your Current State of Health

You will need to think about your current state of health as well. For example, you may want to be very careful if you are someone who deals with many allergies. You might suffer from an allergic reaction to the piercing needle or machine. You could also react negatively to the jewelry itself if you use anything other than surgical-grade stainless steel. Take all of those stated factors into account and research how to minimize allergic reactions before you dive into the piercing. Ensure that you choose a reliable body piercing shop that has been around the block a few times and cares about its clients' well-being.

The Cost

Cost is another factor to consider before you decide to get a labret piercing. Prices vary from shop location to shop location and even from piercer to piercer in some instances. A body or facial piercing can be as little as $25 or as much as $100, depending on the location of your body and the shop performing the procedure. You'll have to consider the cost of the jewelry and any care items you may need to care for your wound after they make it. A very long piece of labret jewelry usually comes with the piercing job, but you most likely won't want to wear that for long.

The Pain Level and Healing Time

Finally, you will need to consider the pain level, and the time it might take for your piercing site to heal. Every person has a different pain threshold from other people. You need to be prepared to deal with not just the initial pain but the swelling and discomfort that may happen after you first get the piercing. You may be ready to get a labret piercing if you can handle the quick puncturing action and the throbbing that may come after you leave the shop. A little ice cream or ice chips can go a long way.

Think of all those factors and sleep on each one of them long enough to make a sound decision. You will most likely be happy with your decision if you take a reasonable amount of time making it.

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