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The Fang and Flower Tattoo and PIercing Studio in Mississauga, On | Toronto Oakville GTA

Tattoo Shop / Piercing Studio
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Where can I  get the best Tattoos and Piercings in Mississauga?

Your Go-To Studio:

The Fang and Flower Searching for an exceptional tattoo and piercing studio in the Mississauga Toronto vicinity? Your quest concludes at The Fang and Flower Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

Diverse Tattoo Expertise at Your Service

At The Fang and Flower, we celebrate the diversity of tattoo artistry. Whether your heart is set on a delicate linework piece or you're envisioning an immersive full sleeve in lifelike realism, our seasoned artists are equipped to translate your ideas into ink.

More Than Just Tattoos: Our Piercing Prowess

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at tattoos. Piercings are a significant part of our studio's offerings. From the classic ear piercings – be it the lobe, helix, or anywhere else you fancy – to more adventurous choices like the nose, belly button, and eyebrow, we've got you covered. For those ready to elevate their piercing journey, consider bold choices like a striking nipple piercing.

Serving the Broader GTA Region

No matter if you're from Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), The Fang and Flower is your premier destination for unparalleled tattoo and piercing experiences. Look no further, we've got your artistic aspirations covered.

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