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Piercing Place

Choosing the Right Piercing Shop

It's easy to find a place to get your ears pierced, but if you want the piercing somewhere else, you'll often have to look long and hard. Not only that, you'll need to make sure that the piercing shop you choose actually knows what it's doing, instead of just doing piercings as a quick way to make more money.

A real piercing place knows that it takes more to do the job right than simply placing a stud in a piercing gun and pulling the trigger. Care is taken to ensure the sterility of all of the equipment, the starter studs, and importantly, the skin that the piercing will go into. This is to prevent infection and disease transmission. Since an infected piercing can cause a horrifying amount of damage, it is essential to avoid any shops that seem sloppy or that have ill-trained staff.

Usually, a piercing shop will offer other body modification services, such as tattooing. However, a high amount of care will be taken for all of their offerings. This should be clear as soon as you see the area where procedures are taking place. The shop should be willing to let you have a look before you sign up, too.

You'll also find a great selection of studs and related jewelry at a good piercing place. Here at The Fang and Flower Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Mississauga, we aren't just using piercing as an add-on service. We even have "Piercing" in our company name to show how serious we are about it – and about doing it right.

The next time you want a piercing, drive on over to Mississauga. We're sure you'll find it worth the trip.

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